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Hotel in the Austrian Kamptal offers special health concept

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Edition 01/2019

The "la Pura Women's Health Resort" in Gars am Kamp is considered a Healthy Aging Hotel, which focuses on women's health. New is Healthy Aging, developed by the medical director Prim. Dr. Karin Stengg D.O. and the la pura team, which is the first comprehensive concept to individualize the relevant aging topics and to examine them on a scientific basis.

Among other tests, treatments and solutions, a specially developed epigenetic test is an essential part of the la pura concept. As a holistic analysis for personalized screening, it tests both gene variants and epigenetic markers to determine, among other things, metabolic, sports and skin type. The aim is to make individual recommendations such as weight management and sports training. How we get older is fortunately only 30 percent determined by genetics," explains Dr. Karin Stengg and adds: "This means that the ageing process can be influenced preventively. The Healthy Aging Check by la pura includes tests that determine risk factors.


An epigenetic test as part of the Healthy Aging program involves the analysis of the individual metabolic type. The tendency to snacks and ravenous appetite attacks are also evaluated.


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An offer that not only attracts fans, because sceptical voices point to the autoregulation of the body: liver, kidney and lungs would do the job of detoxification on their own. "True," confirms Prim. Dr. Karin Stengg. "Of course, our organism should effortlessly master the elimination of the body's own pollutants. However, it is not evolutionarily oriented towards the many toxins that surround us today - whether environmental toxins, heavy metals, chemical pollutants, plastic particles in food or antibiotics in meat," says the doctor, who is in charge of medicine and therapy at la pura women's health resort Kamptal. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), our bodies are exposed to around 140,000 chemicals today. That is about twice as many as a decade ago. "In addition, our sedentary, stressful lifestyle, an excess of carbohydrates and sugar in our diets, and other vices such as alcohol and nicotine, cause the amount of toxins to become rampant." An imbalance that can be brought back into balance through regular detoxification, says Stengg.

Edition 03/2018


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There is a place that gives every single woman individual inspiration for an optimized, healthy lifestyle: The la pura women's health resort camptal focuses on women's health and is therefore unique in Europe. New in the program is the concept "Healthy Aging".

The new concept in la pura women's health resort kamptal is called Healthy Aging and was developed by the medical director Prim. Dr. Karin Stengg D.O. and the la pura team. It is the first comprehensive concept that examines relevant aging topics individually and scientifically. In addition to other tests, treatments and solutions, a specially developed epigenetic test is an essential component of the la pura Healthy Aging concept. 

As a holistic analysis for personalized screening, it tests both gene variants and epigenetic markers to determine, among other things, metabolic, sports and skin type. The aim is to make individual recommendations for weight management, sports training and tips on how to reduce the biological age determined in the long term through lifestyle and nutritional interventions. 

The scientific field of epigenetics distinguishes between the (static) genome and an epigenome that can be dynamically altered by biological, psychological and social factors. "Fortunately, how we get older is only 30 percent determined by genetics," explains Dr. Karin Stengg. "This means that the aging process can be influenced preventively in time." The Healthy Aging Check by la pura includes tests that comprehensively determine genetic and epigenetic risk factors. The focus is deliberately not on checking out diseases - because the Healthy Aging concept does not aim at over-confronting risks and the associated panic-mongering.

In the Healthy Aging Genetic Test, a drop of capillary blood is analysed, because it can also be used to obtain representative results in the field of epigenetics. In addition, a detailed questionnaire on lifestyle and eating habits is included in the analysis. In contrast to other tests, this is an overall strategy that does not assess genes individually, but rather tests several genetic, epigenetic and lifestyle factors that are responsible for a topic - for example, for snacking or appetite. In this way, targeted recommendations for action can be made. It is a new and effective form of holistic, individual and sustainable health care.


Edition 27/2/2018


women for a sustainable future

In the spirit of BE PART OF IT, the experts, Lisa-Marie Fassl (Female Founders), Evgeniia Filippova, MSc. (Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics), as well as Prim. Karin Stengg D.O (la pura women`s health resort), about women`s health, blockchain and self-employment to be ready for an exciting future.

The summary of the 3 experts: Karin Stengg: "Women approach medicine differently than men. Empathy and resilience are important strengths of women. Because the future will be personalized medicine."

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Prim. Dr. med. univ. Karin Stengg D.O. took over the medical directorate at la pura. She is a specialist for trauma surgery, doctor of medical osteopathy, spine specialist and healthy aging expert. As a emergency surgeon with a doctorate in trauma surgery, she performed a lot of operations on the back and spine and looked into how one could help even without surgery. Complementary medicine such as osteopathy can be a great help for women who physically and psychologically "carry around" a lot. Dr. Stenggs mission at la pura: "My main concern is to give women back the energy they need to cope with their everyday life. As a doctor and mother, I know the double burden all too well."



Healty Aging-Concept in the La Pura women´s health resort

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Edition 09/04/2019

In return, every woman who has booked the 3- or 6-day program at La Pura receives an individual nutrition and treatment plan, which is discussed in detail with the responsible physician Dr. Karin Stengg and in written form as a "timetable" for at home. The most important part finally begins after this special health holiday, when the personalised recommendations lead to sustainable lifestyle changes and women remain attractive, healthy and fit for longer.

Wellness holidays are in vogue, but where is sustainability? Back in everyday life, stress and sloppiness in nutrition and sports quickly make us look and feel older than planned again. The Medical University in Vienna and the 4-star superior La Pura women's health resort have the solution with their scientifically based, individualised Healty Aging Programme, which covers all relevant aging topics.

It starts with the genetic test. As early as 14 days before your arrival you have to fill out a detailed lifestyle questionnaire, send in some capillary blood drops and a saliva test. Arriving in Kamptal near Vienna, the only women's health hotel in Europe, the first analysis results on biological age and individual health status are already waiting to be obtained, e.g. which stress, metabolism and sport type is female and whether hidden centres of inflammation in the body accelerate the ageing process. Further tests on mobility, skin condition and micronutrient status will follow. Since only 30 percent of our aging process is determined by genetics, i.e. is inherited, this means that we can control 70 percent by our lifestyle, the so-called epigenetics.

Healthy, NOT Anti Aging –

for women only!

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Edition 24/04/2019

Developed by the medical director Dr. med. Karin Stengg and her team at la pura, Healthy Aging is the first all-encompassing program that really individualizes all relevant aging topics, tackles them in a scientifically sound and serious way and cheats time. Including innovative and above all sustainable solutions that apparently keep women mentally and physically fit, efficient and attractive for longer. In this respect, the respective biological age is determined with the most diverse methods of diagnostics and the weak points that manifest themselves are addressed. On the basis of so-called epigenetics, this field of science distinguishes between the genome, which is static within each individual, and an epigenome, which is dynamically changeable by biological, psychological and social factors. This is the "end of the tunnel" for all ladies who want to make their biological clock tick more slowly! This is because the ageing process can be influenced preventively and in advance, and the course for the future can be determined and actively set.

Quintessence:...Already after one week of Healthy Aging women know not only their biological age but also their weak points after extensive diagnostics and analyses. This is why they can immediately counteract emerging problems on all levels by means of the individually developed plan drawn up together with the two doctors mentioned at the beginning. What a healthy and attractive future calls for!


Healthy Aging at la pura

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Edition 07/08/2018

+++ Modern diagnostics determine biological age - Individualized program supports women's health sustainably +++


Getting older is in the nature of human beings - but only about 30 percent of this process is determined by genetics. The rest is up to each individual.

The medical director of la pura, Dr. Karin Stengg, has therefore developed a programme on the topic of Healthy Aging together with the team of the house. This is the first truly comprehensive concept that individualizes all relevant aging topics, tackles them in a scientifically sound manner and thus cheats the clock. Including innovative and sustainable solutions that keep women mentally and physically fit, efficient and attractive for longer. The basis for this is epigenetics, which can be dynamically changed by biological, psychological and social factors. This means that the ageing process can be influenced preventively in good time, and the course for the future can be set in a self-determined and active way. 

Risk factors are analysed individually.

In la pura, personal epigenetic risk factors are comprehensively determined using the most modern diagnostic methods. Depending on the physician's recommendation, a new biomarker is used, as well as a genetic test, blood parament, saliva test, HRV measurement (heart rate variability) and a modern skin analysis device. On this basis, individual advice and treatment can be provided on how biological aging can be positively influenced - for example through sport, nutrition, relaxation and lifestyle.

la Pura-Primaria:

„Want to get away from repair medicine!“

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Primaria Karin Stengg works with a team on "a concept that is unique in Europe".

By Rupert Kornell. ErsteNÖN: What are the focal points of your work in "la pura? "I am an orthopaedic surgeon, trauma surgeon and spine specialist, and for 25 years I have only dealt with back pain, that is my specialty. I used to do a lot of surgery, but after my stay in the USA, where I obtained an additional doctorate in osteopathy, I specialized completely in the conservative treatment of the spine.

"As important as the treatment is, even more important is the prevention"

NÖN: If ladies have pain or problems with the spine, then you are the contact person?

Of course, but I would like to go one step further. As important as the treatment is, prevention is even more important and we are working on a completely new concept that goes in the direction of 'anti-aging'. The big difference is that we are all just doing 'repair medicine'. The idea now is to catch the ladies in this wonderful house two steps ahead of them, and then I gain an incredible amount of time afterwards. I have already done a small study and found that the women are extremely interested in it. And a lot of men have complained and asked why it does not exist for them...

NÖN: How can you imagine this prevention?

The 'anti-aging medicine' consists of many pillars such as nutrition, exercise, hormone or nutrient replacement, the psyche is very important and of course aesthetics are also important. We take all this and form it into a package that we give to the ladies, each one individually, on their way. If we enforce this, it will be unique in the whole of Europe, nobody will have that NÖN: And when do you expect that this concept will be finished and implemented? Of course this means a lot of work. The whole staff is working on it and we hope that we can do it by the summer. 


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Edition 15/05/2018

Especially women suffer from back problems for physical and psychological reasons. "La Pura" medical director Dr Karin Stengg on ways out of pain.

The spine, as Eastern medicine also knows, is the successful organ of mind and soul. If this flexibly connected "chain of links" is defective, pain and warning signals for the body occur. Especially women tend to suffer from back pain due to the double burden of job and family. 

"La Pura" medical director Dr. Karin Stengg explains.

B-look: Her specialty is the back, the spine. You are also a medical osteopath. May I ask why you chose the back?

Dr. Karin Stengg: For me as a trauma surgeon and doctor of medical osteopathy, the back - or rather the spine - has always been the supreme discipline. During my time as a surgeon, I have realized how important, after a thorough examination by a medical specialist, the holistic approach to spinal treatment is, since the spine is a complex organ of posture and movement. In osteopathy, life energy is "made to flow" again by restoring the balance of the body, the so-called homeostasis. Eastern medicine also sees the spinal column as a successful organ of mind and soul, in Taoism the spinal column is even called an "instrument of God". This means that our body is the tool with which we implement the life energy.

In "La Pura" you naturally deal with the back of the woman. What about it?


Numerous studies have shown that women suffer significantly more from back pain than men. In recent years, a doubling of back pain in women has even been observed. In more than half of the affected women, no explanation for the existing back pain can be found after radiological examination or MRI. In most cases, the back pain is aggravated by additional psychological and physical stress and changes in hormone balance. Thus, a pain symptomatology gradually builds up, which can become chronic and manifests itself in various symptoms where the spine is not immediately thought of as the cause. At "La Pura", in addition to an individual diagnosis, there are several specific treatments and a sports science training programme as well as tips for further treatment at home. If there is even more strain on the back because of female multiple stress in job and private life, our stress management program can also help.

Many women carry a " backpack" that is too heavy. How can excessive demands and the balancing act between child and career actually affect our skeleton?


One can imagine the spinal column as an interconnected movable link chain. If this chain can no longer swing without faults, then pain occurs, which are always warning signals from the body. Pain of the spine or the back can be caused by orthopaedic problems as well as bad posture and incorrect weight distribution. Due to the increased workload and lack of time, women tend to follow well-worn patterns in both their private and professional lives. Another essential factor is the lack of compensation for relaxation and a necessary portion of selfishness. This immobility is very often transferred to the spine.

How exactly does the psyche affect the body?

Specialists at the University of Heidelberg have determined that every third patient with chronic back pain also suffers from psychological stress. The psychological tension also causes the muscles to tense, harden and hurt. If no adequate countermeasures are taken at this point, chronic pain can develop because the body memorises the pain. This can then also affect vegetative functions such as digestion, circulation and sleep.

What do you advise women to do preventively?

Pay attention to your posture, especially when carrying handbags. Bring your soul and back into balance and relax more often. Stay or become physically active. Pay attention to your sleeping position, find the perfect cushion, the perfect mattress.


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Edition 12/2018

Prim. Dr. Karin Stengg D.O. Leitung Medizin und Therapie Gesundheitsresort La Pura Dr. Karin Stengg, trauma surgeon, orthopaedist and osteopath, knows about the importance of holistic approaches - even when it comes to the topic of ageing.

Prim. Dr. Karin Stengg D.O. Head of Medicine and Therapy Health Resort La Pura


What is meant by the term "Healthy Aging"? Is it a counter model to "anti-aging"?


Anti-aging does not work! We age from the moment we are born. The term anti-aging has therefore been chosen unfortunate. The term Healthy Aging is much more accurate. We cannot fight against aging, but we can determine how we want to age and how we want to be in old age. We can take this into our own hands! The better we know our body, the more targeted we can take action.


Which elements are important for a healthy aging process?

There are the classic seven pillars, to which the German Society for Anti Aging also refers: Movement, nutrition, lifestyle, stress, hormones, aesthetics and nutrients. Using special tests that examine, for example, bone metabolism, skin, psychological condition or even epigenetics, it is possible to create a personalised medicine for every woman and every man.

Because Healthy Aging naturally affects men in the same way - even if the topics are different. For example, if you look at studies on stress, one of the top stress factors in women is a sick family member. Interestingly, for men this is not an issue at all.

Keyword gender-specific differences: Which areas are particularly challenging for women in the ageing process? 

For me, it is becoming clear that stress is becoming an increasingly important factor. The multiple stresses and strains that affect women every day are exhausting and stressful. Stress can trigger many silent inflammations in the body. At some point, the permanent release of stress hormones is too high and the body's own opponents no longer have a chance.

In connection with this, the topic of hormones in women is of course also very important. Healthy Aging is therefore always a holistic approach, in which a health problem is approached from several perspectives.

What recommendations can you give women regarding Healthy Aging?

Reducing stress and being able to say no is probably one of the main issues. We women need to become more selfish. If we take good care of our social network, it can take away a lot of stress and give us the psychological tools to tackle other health issues related to ageing.



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Edition 28/12/2017

Getting off the hamster wheel: This is how the anti-stress programme works at the women's health centre "la pura" in Gars am Kamp. A self-experiment.

Unmasked. My mission is to get a taste of the stress management programme initiated by the renowned gender medicine specialist Alexandra Kautzky-Willer. The fact that the field of activity could also be a broad one for me is revealed by the medical director Karin Stengg with an X-ray view during the first interview. "I am a spine specialist and when I look at your tense, inwardly curled stretching posture, I see that this can be associated with pain." - "It is!" I shout inside, nod elegantly and continue to listen spellbound. "The spine is the seat of energy; if it doesn't flow, it weakens the whole body." Among other things, she recommends underwater pressure jet massage, osteopathy, lymph drainage and a detailed analysis to give my body a gentle turbo with micronutrients. We also know that regular sleep, sufficient fluids, a balanced diet and exercise maintain or make us healthy. But where do you squeeze that into your daily hamster wheel?

"You are a role model for your children. I know from my own experience that it is difficult, but you won't get a medal. In 10 years you'll be checked in with disc problems and arthritis." I promise to get better. In order for this to have a lasting effect, "la pura" also offers a conversation with a psychologist in its anti-stress program.

The "la puraMed Anti-Stress" package is available for a minimum of three days. Medical director Karin Stengg thinks a stay of at least one week is ideal, because it allows body and soul to adjust well to the new environment.



Abendzeitung München


It is the only health resort in Europe that specialises solely in women: "la pura women's health resort" in Kamptal, Lower Austria.

Why is the focus on women in particular? Women get sick differently than men. Yoga in the hotel garden, this is also part of the activity programme for women only. Next door the river Kamp flows, where you can swim. Due to their biology, they are confronted with weight fluctuations (through pregnancy or menopause) and are susceptible to metabolic diseases even at a younger age. Women are also more susceptible to back problems than men: the lumbar spine is shaped differently, the connective tissue is looser, the supporting muscles are worse. In alternation, the muscle strength decreases even more. The back gives way, the pain comes (preferably in the lumbar and cervical spine). Individual vertebrae can press on nerves - and there can be consequences.

In many women la-pura medical director Dr. Karin Stengg, an internationally recognized spine specialist and trauma surgeon, observes the feeling of "nettles in the fingers", dizziness or hearing noises, "without them knowing the connection with their spine.

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As a proven Plus Size woman, I had of course made provisions and brought comfortable clothes. I wanted to relax and not think about the bathrobe theme any further. My first appointment in the house: a medical consultation. La Pura is a health resort. This holistic concept of health, relaxed, beauty is an important basic principle of the resort.

But don't worry, unpleasant "doctor feelings" don't have to arise here. The point is to adjust all treatments to the physical constitution. If you need relaxation, then all treatments will go in this direction. If you have problems with your back, the treatments will be adjusted accordingly. For example, it is important to know if there are any back problems during the Underwater Extension.


During this (extremely pleasant) treatment, the neck, back and hip area is massaged and thus relaxed.






Afterwards I went to an appointment with Prim. Dr. Stengg. We didn't have much time, but the conversation was extremely informative. What we talked about in detail is not something I want to write about in this blog article.

It's too exciting what's going on in medicine right now. I'll just drop three terms genetics, epigenetics and individualized medicine. You have to know that the health center in la pura is at the cutting edge of medicine. Preventive as well as special medical examinations are possible here.

All the medical examinations that you keep putting off can be done at la pura simply and in a feel-good atmosphere.




EDITION: 07/09/2019

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