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The biological age gives information about the body's performance and is the measure for the age of the body, in contrast to the chronological age, the real age in life years.

The difference between the date of birth and the biological age can show a big variation. How significant the difference is is largely determined by lifestyle, as only about 35% is determined by genes.

In Healthy Aging Medicine, biological age and telomere length are used as basic diagnostic criteria to determine the state of health of the body.

HEALTHY AGING MEDICINE is a new form of preventive medicine and is in opposite to repair medicine. It is about the early recognition of risks and dispositions on the basis of which diseases can develop.

It is possible to slow down the biological aging process and keep the quality of life in old age at a high level for as long as possible.

With our Healthy Aging Diagnostics (genetic test, anamnesis, status, laboratory tests, stress ECG with HRV measurement, metabolic measurement, stress hormone determination) we find out how much your chronological age deviates from your biological age and what you have to do to prolong your life expectancy as much as possible

Healthy Aging Therapy is based on two main pillars:

•          Strengthening the body's own defence system

•          Change of disease-promoting negative living habits.

Your Healthy Aging Status is determined by analyzing the results of the examination. This is the basis of the Healthy Aging Therapy, a treatment concept consisting of several pillars and individually adapted to you.

Nowadays, it is possible to counteract the aging processes by means of targeted medical measures.

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